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Space Planning & Design

Enhance your spaces with with my global design expertise. With a background in New York City, Mexico City and Paris, I fuse local and remote insights to bring your dream rooms to life. Specializing in dynamic space planning and design, let's collaborate to transform your concepts into captivating realities, no matter where you are located.

Product Design

Elevate your projects with my personalized touch, guiding your unique vision from concept to fabrication. Specializing in bespoke physical and digital products such as furniture, intricate jewelry, graphics and immersive virtual reality experiences.

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3D Modeling + VR

Specializing in detailed 3D models, plans, and renderings, I create virtual reality visuals and videos for a realistic preview.

Explore the innovative possibilities of 3D design and virtual experiences, where precision meets creativity, transforming concepts into visually striking realities.

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Ignite your brand with my personalized touch, infusing vitality into every aspect. From logos to packaging, color palettes to typography, I guide you through the strategic journey, elevating your brand and ensuring your vision comes to life. 

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Image & Video Editing

Maximize the visual impact of images and videos with my editing expertise. Specializing in enhancing photos, refining renderings, and editing videos, I bring a meticulous touch to showcase and amplify the visual narrative. Whether for selling projects or showcasing products, allow me to transform your visuals into compelling narratives that resonate.



Passionate about capturing fleeting moments and crafting enduring treasures, I specialize in freezing emotions in every click. As a dedicated travel enthusiast, I seamlessly infuse diverse landscapes and cultures into my work, ensuring your moments transform into timeless memories through my lens.


Exceptional Quality

Immersive Design Experiences

Global Diversity Perspective

Remote Consultation

Multilingual Interface

Dynamic Design Solutions

Visual Storytelling


Selected Work

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