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Space Planning & Design


BK Townhouse

Brooklyn, USA

5-story single family Brooklyn residential project blends contrasting materials and natural tones, prioritizing comfort and child safety. Achieving balance, seamlessly integrated contemporary and vintage furniture and artwork, creating a timeless, modern aesthetic. Custom-designed furniture reflects the client’s unique preferences in textures and finishes, showcasing my dedication to merging style and practicality. The result: a thoughtfully designed, family-friendly living space harmonizing aesthetics and functionality.

1000 Brickell

Miami, USA

Crafted a warm minimalism-inspired interior design concept for a Miami residential project, skillfully harmonizing textures to accentuate views and natural light. Meticulously curated materials and a sophisticated palette elevate the space. Evaluated architectural and natural lighting, proposing furniture and decorative enhancements for aesthetics and functionality. Executed strategic space planning, optimizing layouts and introducing clever storage solutions. Crafted a detailed Virtual Reality 3D model for realistic visuals.

Living Side Sunset.jpg

Chelsea 200 West

New York City, USA

Manhattan loft home with jaw-dropping views of the iconic NYC's skyline. Integrated client's art, vintage pieces, and a vast library seamlessly for a unique and cozy experience. Positioned furniture thoughtfully to maximize space, natural light and capture the mesmerizing city panorama. Embraced a natural palette with linen, cotton, and wood for warmth in every space. 

Jefferson Residence

Brooklyn, USA

Distinctive Brooklyn brownstone Interior Deisgn project that seamlessly blends original wood molding and flooring with a curated selection of modern and minimalist furniture, achieving a timeless fusion. The artful integration of cherished Chinese family heirlooms adds a refined and sophisticated touch, capturing the essence of modern elegance. To meticulously plan the room's styling and achieve the desired aesthetic, a detailed 3D Model was developed, strategically positioning furniture, artwork, and decor within the space. The result is a remarkable single-family home that harmoniously marries old-world charm with contemporary design sensibilities.

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North Fork

Long Island, USA

Transformation of a Long Island vacation home. My role encompassed space planning, interior design, and the seamless integration of the client's impressive art collection. Focused on connecting the interior with nature, employing a palette of natural tones and framed views. Collaborated closely with clients and trades, crafting detailed 3D model, renderings, architectural drawings and FF&E. The design blurs indoor and outdoor boundaries through careful material choices, strategic windows, natural textures and peaceful views.