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3D Modeling + Virtual Reality

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1000 Brickell

Miami, USA

Crafted a warm minimalism-inspired interior design concept for a Miami residential project, skillfully harmonizing textures to accentuate views and natural light. Meticulously curated materials and a sophisticated palette elevate the space. Evaluated architectural and natural lighting, proposing furniture and decorative enhancements for aesthetics and functionality. Executed strategic space planning, optimizing layouts and introducing clever storage solutions. Crafted a detailed Virtual Reality 3D model for realistic visuals.

Altitude 1647

La Clusaz, France

Situated in the stunning French Alps, this project embodies sustainable luxury—a renovated building turned into a cozy boutique resort inspired by hygge. Embracing the principles of minimalism, it seamlessly integrates local materials and soft textures to fashion cozy spaces that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Conveniently located next to a ski station and offering panoramic views of Mont Blanc, it's perfect foryear-round enjoyment.

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Vieux Port

Montreal, Canada

Nestled in Montreal's center, this apartment blends modern amenities with vintage charm. Exposed brick walls and wooden beams set the stage for its creative couple, amovie animator and avid traveler. The space showcases their vibrant artwork and souvenirs with established areas and glass partitions, allowing flexibility between openness and privacy. Natural light floods through, enhancing the warmth of the brick and wood. With its charming vibe and thoughtful design, this apartment is a true reflection of its owner's eclectic taste and artistic spirit.

Chelsea Townhouse

New York City, USA

This remarkable project transformed a townhouse into vibrant urban sanctuary for a single family in the heart of Manhattan. We seamlessly integrated the existing exposed brick walls with new steel structure and with elements inspired by street-style concepts. The young clients, open to exploration and creativity, infused the space with their personality, embracing colorful areas, exposed brick, and structural elements. Throughout the building, art adorned the spaces, adding depth and character to every corner.