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Product Design

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Custom Bench + Storage unit

Brooklyn, USA

Crafted a stylish bench with hidden compartments for added storage, maximizing both seating and organization in the space. Additionally, designed a wall-mounted cabinet beneath the TV to neatly conceal the internet modem, charging station, and wires. Both pieces feature a cohesive design with light-toned wood and metal mesh accents, adding functionality and elegance to the room.

Custom recessed mirror

New York City, USA

custom recessed round mirror, a blend of style and functionality. With a sleek partition in the center and hidden hinges, it offers seamless design and easy adjustment. Ambient LED lighting creates a floating effect, while hidden shelves behind the mirror provide discreet storage. 

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Fine Jewelry

Mexico City, Mexico

Crafting personalized fine jewelry, I meticulously oversee every aspect from concept to delivery. Just as I design functional furniture pieces with hidden compartments, ensuring each element complements the client's desires and budget, my jewelry harmonizes beauty and practicality, reflecting each client's unique style. Created in Mexico City with a local team, every piece embodies the high-quality craftsmanship synonymous with my brand.

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